Two more spelt products

Spelt is a wonderful product that really helps to keep blood glucose levels low if you have type 2 diabetes, and do not use medication. I have tested wholemeal and white spelt flour for sauces and bread making.

Two other products that are nice to eat and expand the variety of food that you can eat are Creamy Vegetable Spelt, endorsed by Ainsley Harriott and Dorset Cereals Tasty toasted spelt flakes.
The Spelt Cereal breakfast I eat with milk. I take out the pineapple pieces, as they seem to consist of sugar, more than of pineapple. I also take out the hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds and eat those later. Eat the nuts combined in the breakfast if you are constipated. As far as the Creamy spelt vegetable is concerned I must warn, that the box consists of two bags: one is filled with dried vegetables and the other contains the pearled spelt. If you mix the packages before cooking it will give a nice result, but there are not enough vegetables in it for my taste. Also the cooking time is more than 25 minutes. It needs twice as much time and it needs twice as much water than the box suggests for the correct result. I serve it with cooked leeks, and any other vegetables I have at hand. I also add chicken breast spiced with Schwartz chicken powder (no added salt variety). I mix the vegetables with a tin of tomatoe pieces. Adding a salade with an orange dressing works well too.

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