Things that did not work for me

Before writing recipes here I test if they make my bloodsuger levels go up unexpectedly.
Recently I found that the following were not good:
a) pancakes made from white spelt flour, 2 tsp egg replacement called NO EGG, as I get a skin rash when I eat eggs), milk, 1 tbsp of olive oil, a tsp salt. I ate them with SPLENDA.
I am not sure if the SPLENDA or the pancake made the bg levels go up.

2. Soya mince from a package. It looked so good. It would make a replacement for minced beef if combined with fried onion, garlickand herbed tomatoes in a tin.
It didn’t work though.

3. Kellog Special K breakfest with milk or yoghurt and rasberries. I am not sure if this works or not. The cereal seems to be made from wholemeal wheat, which does work for me. Spelt cereal is mixed with raisons and this works fine for me. When I tried special K breakfest it looked like this was fine, but when I researched Special K further I saw a warning to check with the GP first. She does not know, neither does the diabetic nurse. So I keep checking with my Accucheck Mobile what the results are.

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