I like to drink a cup of Cappuccino without sugar at Starbucks after shopping. It seems to give me energy, but it also seems to raise my blood glucose. So I really should not do it. I discovered also that when I make it at home with Nescafe Cappuccino, unsweetened taste, it has the same wrong effect on my bg, although when I make a skinny Nescafe Latte at home and put powder from Cadbury drinking chocolate on top it does not effect my bg levels. The label on the box of the skinny Nescafe latte reads that each mug contains 9% sugars, confirming that lower fat products often contain extra sugar. The sugars in the skinny latte consist of dried glucose syrup, Glucose syrup and sugar. It is amazing that it does not raise my blood sugar, but very nice!

Stuffed mushrooms

Use two big mushrooms and one sachet of a box of Granose sunflower seed, lentil &vegetable roast mix.
Empty the contents of one sachet into a bowl.
Add 100 ml of cold water. Mix the water with the contents of the sachet and allow to stand while you preheat the oven at the temperature suggested on the box.
Put the mushrooms in an oven dish and put the stuffing in the mushrooms.
Grate cheese and sprinkle cheese on top of the stuffing.
Bake for 20 minutes.
Serve hot, but let it stand for a minute before serving.
This recipe does not contain flower and does not raise blood glucose. It does not need any seasoning.

Book about low-GL diet and a fish recipe

Patrick Holford, Optimum Living Made Easy, The Low-GL diet bible.

This book claims to be the perfect way to lose weight, gain energy and improve your health. It shows testimonials of people who followed the Holford Low-GL diet and who as a result gained control over blood sugar levels, lowered cholesterol without drugs and reversed diabetes.

The book explains what ‘glycemic index’ GI is and ‘glycemic load’ GL and gives GL counts with the suggested daily diets.

My favourite fish, own recipe.

500 gram white fish
2 medium leeks
2.5 teaspoons butter or margerine
40 gram spelt flour
50 gram grated cheese
bread crumbs from 1 slice of spelt bread
1 teaspoon wholegrain musterd
1 sprigg of thyme,
a pinch of salt and pepper and some rosemary
Precook the fish for 5 or 6 minutes in water until the fish is cooked I like to add a low salt fish bouillon block to the water
Put milk, marg, flour in a saucepan and make the sauce.
Add half the cheese.
Put the fish in a oven dish.
Scatter the breadcrumbs, thyme, rosemary and cheese over the fish
Grill for 4 minutes until it is bubbling.
Serve immediately.


Eating well with diabetes

There is plenty of litterature on healthy eating when you have been diagnosed to have diabetes, but it is hard to find advise on what is a good eating plan to keep blood glucose down with diet alone. I want to share my findings, which I have tested multiple times.

Books I have found to be helpful are listed below. All have recipes:
Gretchen Becker, Type 2 Diabetes, An essential Guide for the Newly diagnosed, A patient-Expert Walks You Through Everything to Learn and Do The First Year.

Louise Blair & Norma McGough, Quick Cooking for Diabetes, Great tasting food in 30 minutes or less.

Antony Worrall Thompson, the sweet life. 101 indulgent recipes made with SPLENDA sweetener.

Antony Worrall Thompson with Azmina Govindji, Healthy eating for Diabetes, for the first time, a chef and a dietitian have worked together to create 100 really, really delicious recipes, published in association with Diabetes UK

Reader’s Digest Health Solutions, Beating Diabetes

Dr Charles Clark & Maureen Clark, The Diabetes Revolution

Fiona Hunter & Heather Whinney, the what to eat
& what to cook
to treat type 2

Stella Bowling, The everyday Diabetic Cookbook, published with Diabetes UK

Jacqueline Bellefontaine, Diabetic cookery

Marsha Cosentino, Quality whole food cooking and baking with spelt SPELT HEALHY

It is surprising that except for the last mentioned title, there is no documentation of the positive working of spelt. I got the tip from a professional who had very good results with spelt. Most books recommend to eat more low GI food, but what is that exactly? How does that work?

I have also looked for documented advise on how some combinations of food help to bring blood glucose down. Something that works well is to mix rice (brown or brown basmati rice) with soya beans.

I am not a medical doctor and I can only write on what works for me and keeps my bg levels low enough to be called prediabetic.

— I bake bread from spelt (half white spelt, half wholegrain spelt) in a Panasonic bread machine, a SD-2501, which has a special program for bread, made from spelt flour.
— I also always eat soya beans when I eat rice. It is a lot of work to prepare soya beans as they need to soak overnight and they need to be boiled for a long time, (which I do in my slowcooker), but they last for at least a week, when prepared.

The general advice is to stay away from potatoes, but small potatoes, boiled in the skin are fine for me.

I hope to write in this blog recipes of tasty meals, which have no negative effect on blood glucose levels.