Kellogg’s breakfast

Kellogg’s has new breakfast options with spelt, which are a delicious alternative to the spelt breakfast elsewhere in this blog:
Kellogg’s Ancient Legends Muesli (with Puffed Spelt, Pumpkin Seeds, Sultana and Flax Seeds) Kellogg’s Ancient Legends Cereal and Kellogg’s Ancient Legends Granola. The Muesli package holds 450g and advertises that it contains 15% of the nutrient reference value of magnesium and phosphorus, which contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism. For further information look at:

grass fed cheese

Copied from George Mateljan’s blog•
Research on food and type 2 diabetes has typically focused on foods that are rich in both protein and fiber, with less attention paid to animal foods like cheese that are rich in protein but don’t contain any fiber. However, a recent study from Denmark has shown better regulation of blood sugar levels following moderate intake of cheese (a little less than one ounce per day).


On 3 October I still celebrate Leidens ontzet and I cook hutspot.
This tradition goes back to 1574 when Leiden was occupied by the Spanish as punishment for supporting the Dutch resistance against the Spanish. The city was cut off from its environment, causing a shortage of food and extreme hunger. This and the pest decimated the population of Leiden.

On 3 October a little boy had managed to leave the city and came back with a Spanish helmet filled with warm food: hutspot. It was clear that the Spanish had fled in a hurry, scared of the flooded land. People from Holland had broken dykes flooding the land.

Hutspot contains: potatoes, carrots, cooked and mashed and smoked sausage.
For 2 people:
2 large potatoes, cut in chunks
4 large carrots, cut in pieces as small as possible
tomato paste
Boil the potatoes and mash them for 20 minutes
Add the cut carrots and add water if it looks too dry
Stir the potatoes and carrots
To season add salt and tomato paste

Stuffed mushrooms

Use two big mushrooms and one sachet of a box of Granose sunflower seed, lentil &vegetable roast mix.
Empty the contents of one sachet into a bowl.
Add 100 ml of cold water. Mix the water with the contents of the sachet and allow to stand while you preheat the oven at the temperature suggested on the box.
Put the mushrooms in an oven dish and put the stuffing in the mushrooms.
Grate cheese and sprinkle cheese on top of the stuffing.
Bake for 20 minutes.
Serve hot, but let it stand for a minute before serving.
This recipe does not contain flower and does not raise blood glucose. It does not need any seasoning.